My Favorite Things


What are your favorite things? What makes them your favorite? Do they have sentimental values? Did your loved ones gave them? If you ask me, I have about five favorite things that I always brings whenever and wherever. These were given to by my loved ones, my friends,family significant others, and some arw tokens and memorabilia to some of the highlights of my life. I woild like to share with ypu the top ten things that are my favorite and why I love them so much.


  1. Necklace– my mother gave me this when I geaduated from college.
  2. A  Zegarki wood watch–my best friend, who is now based in Singapore, gave me when she had her despedida
  3. A ring–ny boyfriend gave me this during our first anniversary
  4. The Notebook–the novel I first purchased when I had my salary
  5. Ticket from a Lady Gaga concert–I love Lady Gaga
  6. My laptop–well, this is where I do work
  7. My camera–I love taking pictures of many things, especially during my travels.
  8. My planner–this is my diary where I put my schedule and everything I need to do and remember
  9. My puppy called Leo
  10. My parker pen


Best online services

Yes, so in my Amazon Prime Canada review, I can’t help but say that this is one of the best things that I’ve ever encountered. It makes my life so much easier. My life has become way more convenient and so many different services are now offered in a very instant and easy way, things that used to take a long time, things that used to be a lot harder to accomplish, are now easier to accomplish. It’s just that easy. I can’t imagine very many other services coming along they can actually talk this one in a lot of ways. It’s so fantastic, so easy, so interesting, and it seems like it’s going to be growing and growing. That’s the thing with Amazon Prime, is that it seems to always be adding more tools, and more Effectiveness, and it doesn’t seem to have any sign of plateauing or stopping anytime soon. I’m already Amazed by the service. I already think that it’s one of the best tools that I’ve encountered in any sense the, and one of the best services that I’ve ever reviewed, and I’ve reviewed a lot of services in my time, from technology to other types of customer service and things like that. No, it is pretty rare for me to be taken aback by something these days, and I do think that this is the first time that I have been totally amazed by something that I already had high expectations for. Now, I will preface that by saying that I did not expect this to be an extremely positive review. I mean, I knew that it would be very good, but did I know that it would be this good? Absolutely not period I had no idea that it was going to be this good.

A better and more beautiful world with camera filters

I don’t understand the angst that many photographers direct toward the smartphone, photo filter users. I don’t have any clue– I would much rather live in a world with self search of inspiring photography coming from every direction, including under me, raising the bar so that I can continue to succeed at a high level with my photography rather than Coast. That’s what I think when I see great amateur photography. But, I realize that I’m probably in the middle road in that sense, As in that there is more people on the extreme side of every single one of me, and I’m kind of right in the center of the argument. Anyway, I’ve even started using some of these photo filter apps and I have to say that there are some really incredible ones. I am a bit of a purist, and I love using my DSLR, and stuff like that. None-the-less, I love using new technology and these apps all the time also. I love that I don’t have to Lug my big camera and all of my gear around with me everywhere that I go, and that I can just pull out my smartphone, or mobile device, snap a photo, take it into a photo filter app, manage all of the different properties of the image, and totally customize it in just a couple minutes. These apps also give you extra incentive, because, if they like your photos, they’ll put you into a stream in which people who are looking for stock photography may even purchase your photo. Sure, the app takes half of the profits, but usually, we don’t even make anything for our attempt, so this is really cool. It’s like Instagram with a possibility of making money. That seems pretty intense, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder how Instagram survives, when its competitors are offering to help you sell your photographs for money.

Lending tranquility

Gifts for Cancer Patients are hard… Unfortunately, these things seem impossible to give. And, in my experience, this creates a lot of awkwardness. Because you end up buying something for someone. When you want to give someone something valuable. You could spend a million dollars on a gift, but if it didn’t have a huge amount of feeling, of generosity to it, other than monetary value, it would be emptier than some purchases you can make for under $50. For example, and JuJu’s store, you can purchase all sorts of amazing gifts for people, gifts that embody values that can help people in the toughest moments of their lives. When I found you you I was a because for the very first time I am able to give people the things I want to give them. I can give people Tranquility, for example. When I know somebody who is suffering greatly, somebody who’s having a very hard time, and somebody who is in a state of turmoil far too often for their own good. My instinct is always to give them the gift of Tranquility. I mean, it seems like such a common Instinct, but not one that we know how to fully move forward with. I mean, why would we know how to move forward with it? It’s an immaterial concept. However, when I found the juju shop online, I realized that I could provide Tranquility to People by giving them a Tranquility bracelet or necklace.

Helping Site To Find The Cheapest Birthday Gift

Here’s what I’m thinking this year, is that if you need a good gift for your husband, you go one of these two very distinct directions. Seriously, I think that either of these have a chance to satisfy almost any man, and at least one of the two will satisfy absolutely every man, if it is executed with the right tact and skill, which is why I am here to give you some advice on the subject matter. What are we talking about? Were talking about buying the best gift for your husband’s birthday present.

It’s not as hard as it is often made out to be, trust me, you just need to know where to start. If you want to buy your man something that works for him in the outdoors, something that he can do while he’s hunting or fishing or camping, I suggest heading over to this website called Survival Cooking. On this website, you can read reviews of the top rated coolers, tens, stoves, grills, and all sorts of other outdoor supplies. That way you can make an informed decision, based on very well written articles and reviews, and decide which of these objects suits your husband’s Hobbies the best. If you want to go a completely different route, and get him something that has a different type of connotation, you should consider buying him a nice, luxurious wristwatch. I’m not talking extremely luxurious, and if you search for the best watches under 500, you’ll definitely find some great deals on Amazing wrist watches that prison extreme value in a whole lot of style. Men like looking good too, even if they don’t talk about it or act on that impulse as much, and as their partners and wives, it is up to us to give them the tools to game that extra boost of confidence by dressing themselves up a bit. I watch as a great place to start.

Thankyou, Lino for my new Electric Scooter!

Heyya! I have a new electric scooter which I totally adore! I got it from Unu Motors and it was given by my boyfriend Lino. He knows my everyday struggle and I really thank him for his effort and sweetness. We had a road trip last weekend and here’s what I experienced with my first ride:

My new electric scooter, or what they call in The Netherlands as ‘elektrische scooter, is created for the purpose of helping in promoting environment care. I totally agree with this cause and I think I lot of people should also support these kinds of businesses. It is also created so we clients can have more an alternative way of transportation that is not only easy on the pocket but is also very user friendly.

Aside from these, I love how they offer a lot of options. Aside from the fact that one can purchase online, you can also choose from an array of product colors and accessories to suit your style. I also love how they answered some of my queries via email which is unusual for many companies I deal with before. That’s a thumps up for me!

Keep it up UNU motors and thankyou Lino for giving me this gift! I totally love it!


California Calling

My parents are in California. I lived there almost my entire life before I decided to move out. I can say that this place is really a honing place for people. I love everything about it. The ambiance. The culture. The food and the places to see!

If you want to visit this beautiful place, check this out!

I Moved Out of My Parents Home

I am now living alone with my cat. Six days ago I moved out of my parents home to be independent. I packed my bags and got the approval of my mother and father. I am now living a city away from them. The first days are a little uneasy. I had to fix my bed on my own, clean the kitchen, buy my own grocery, cook my own food and eat alone.

My cat is my only friend right here in this little dorm. Why did I move out? I want to explore things on my own and prove that I can face challenges on my own without the help of my parents.  I am also thinking of planning to establish my own small business website as soon as I got things under control. I want to learn life and not be spoon fed because I know someday, I will eventually learn to be on my own. I will also undergo a training on business and real estate with none other than Dave Jenkins, whom is open for training and mentorship.

No more curfews. No more rules. No more voices yelling me about the things I did not do at home.

However sometimes I miss home. But I know I will get used to this life I chose.

Why Second Chances Matters

Some people think that people who creates mistakes are not worthy of second chances. But as for me, I want to give people second chances. Second chance at love, at having a new beginning, and of turning a new page in life.

Second chances should be given to people. They deserve it as much as we deserve having new beginnings. Some may make mistakes along the way but the most important this is you get back up again and learned from your past.


Finding Love On The Road

When I moved out of my parents home I met Joey. He is a nice man.  He loves to dance in every tune. He loves going out and meeting new people. He loves to try new things and be adventurous as he can be.

I, on the other hand, is a girl who is an introvert. I do not want to be with many people. I am okay watching Netflix at home or just bumming around the house.

But when I met him, my world changed for the better. He showed me how to love. We went on a trip together for six months and I never stopped being with him. In short, I found love on the road because I was with him.

We are three years now and we are really happy with how things are are going out.