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I Moved Out of My Parents Home

I am now living alone with my cat. Six days ago I moved out of my parents home to be independent. I packed my bags and got the approval of my mother and father. I am now living a city away from them. The first days are a little uneasy. I had to fix my bed on my own, clean the kitchen, buy my own grocery, cook my own food and eat alone.

My cat is my only friend right here in this little dorm. Why did I move out? I want to explore things on my own and prove that I can face challenges on my own without the help of my parents.  I am also thinking of planning to establish my own small business website as soon as I got things under control. I want to learn life and not be spoon fed because I know someday, I will eventually learn to be on my own. I will also undergo a training on business and real estate with none other than Dave Jenkins, whom is open for training and mentorship.

No more curfews. No more rules. No more voices yelling me about the things I did not do at home.

However sometimes I miss home. But I know I will get used to this life I chose.

Why Second Chances Matters

Some people think that people who creates mistakes are not worthy of second chances. But as for me, I want to give people second chances. Second chance at love, at having a new beginning, and of turning a new page in life.

Second chances should be given to people. They deserve it as much as we deserve having new beginnings. Some may make mistakes along the way but the most important this is you get back up again and learned from your past.


Finding Love On The Road

When I moved out of my parents home I met Joey. He is a nice man.  He loves to dance in every tune. He loves going out and meeting new people. He loves to try new things and be adventurous as he can be.

I, on the other hand, is a girl who is an introvert. I do not want to be with many people. I am okay watching Netflix at home or just bumming around the house.

But when I met him, my world changed for the better. He showed me how to love. We went on a trip together for six months and I never stopped being with him. In short, I found love on the road because I was with him.

We are three years now and we are really happy with how things are are going out.

How I Got My Name

My name is Gidget. Some say my name is unique. And I agree with that too. Want to know where my name came from?

Gidget was coined from my father-Gideon and my mother- Bridget. They met in a cruise off the coast of California when they were both teenagers. They became together after college and two years after, I was born.

Gidget was such a unique and catchy name for my parents that is why they chose the name for me.

When my sister was born, her name came from my grandmother Emily. She is named as Emma. My brother’s name from my grandfather Gabriel. He is Gabby.

How about you, where did you get your name?