A Weekend With Winona

Hi love! It has been a while since I posted a review in this blog. You see, I have been away from a couple of months and I was traveling and having client meetings in between that is why I had a hard time in focusing on writing content on my blog. But now that I am back in town for a year, yes, I will stay here for that long, I know I now have an ample time to write something. While I was traveling, I find out about this best wood watch I bought online. And yes, I know that I was skeptical before of buying things online but since I am literally a digital nomad, I need to make use of this innovation. And so I bought this wood watch and I know this is worth the penny. I love how it goes well with almost all of my outfits—whether its for a corporate event, going to the movies for a date night, having coffee with friends, or having client meetings. I love how it looks very versatile and does not worn off easily, unlike my other watches. It is also rare to find that is why I love having it on my dailu wardrobe. My friends even asked me where did I bought this and of course, I am no selfish in this kind of discovery. I found the best wooden watches  in a very trusted website and I am sure this will not let me down. I actually referred a few friens to buy watch from this site and I know they will not regret it.