Thankyou, Lino for my new Electric Scooter!

Heyya! I have a new electric scooter which I totally adore! I got it from Unu Motors and it was given by my boyfriend Lino. He knows my everyday struggle and I really thank him for his effort and sweetness. We had a road trip last weekend and here’s what I experienced with my first ride:

My new electric scooter, or what they call in The Netherlands as ‘elektrische scooter, is created for the purpose of helping in promoting environment care. I totally agree with this cause and I think I lot of people should also support these kinds of businesses. It is also created so we clients can have more an alternative way of transportation that is not only easy on the pocket but is also very user friendly.

Aside from these, I love how they offer a lot of options. Aside from the fact that one can purchase online, you can also choose from an array of product colors and accessories to suit your style. I also love how they answered some of my queries via email which is unusual for many companies I deal with before. That’s a thumps up for me!

Keep it up UNU motors and thankyou Lino for giving me this gift! I totally love it!